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Responsibility, Service, Respect and sincerity. We are Farmadonic and we are a benchmark in the agro-industrial sector of responsible and respectful production of Boldo and Quillay, native flora from Chile.

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We are a Chilean trading company that started in 2016 in the area of aesthetics and anti aging. Quickly our lines of business expanded towards the natural products of the national native forest




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Mission: To provide the world with first quality agro-industrial products from Chile with agility, competitive prices and above all, respecting the environment while respecting local and global legislation.

Vision: In the next five years to be recognized as an example company of entrepreneurship and a benchmark in the agro-industrial sector of our country for its integrated, efficient and innovative business model that establishes integral, trustworthy and lasting business relationships.

Values: Responsibility, Service, Respect and sincerity

Medical Field

Our products are used to produce medicine.

Fresh and healthy

We treat nature with respect, so fresh is our commitment.

100% organic

Only organic raw material treated with respect.



Peumus boldus, the only species in the genus Peumus, is commonly known as Boldo (from Mapudungun name foḻo). This tree of the Monimiaceae family is native endemic to the region of Chile, which occurs between 33 ° and 40 ° south latitude.

Boldo is a medium-sized tree, belonging to the Monimiaceae family. It can exceed fifteen meters in height; Very slow growing, taking several dozen years to reach adult size, it is generally found as a shrub or small tree, in part because most of the individuals existing today are the product of regrowth from the stump. It is of evergreen foliage, with opposite, ovoid leaves, 3 to 7 cm long at the end of a short petiole, of a bright green color; the underside is paler and shows pubescence.



The quillay (mapudungun küllay), (Quillaja saponaria) is an endemic tree of the Central Zone of Chile. There are populations that reach up to 20 m in height. It lives in dry environments and poor soils. The quillay is an evergreen tree, 15 to 20 meters high. Ashy-gray bark.


Alternate leaves, glabrous, sharp apex and obtuse base, light lustrous green color, almost entire edges with 4-8 teeth.

Green-whitish, hermaphroditic, pentameric flowers, star shaped. 5 petals, 5 sepals, 10 stamens and 5 ovaries.

Fruit: star-shaped capsule, inside many winged seeds.


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